Incoming students

New schedule of AUTh University Restaurant Services

Dear students,

We would like to inform you that the University Restaurant continues to serve meals regularly.

The distribution of meals will take place according to the following schedule:

Transportation measures issued by the Greek Government

Dear students,

We would like to kindly inform you that, as of this morning 6 a.m., all unnecessary transports are prohibited, according to the decree issued by the Greek Government.

Traineeship Opportunities Erasmus+ International

We are happy to announce the 1st Call of  Student Mobilities for Traineeships through the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme (2018-2020).


Nominations’ period:  16 December, 2019   –  13 January, 2020
(13:00 CET time)


Applications’ period: 20th January April – 10th February, 2020 (13:00 CET time)