Training-Avia Solutions Group, Λιθουανία

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Training-Avia Solutions Group
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1. Joint program development. This cooperation model foresees additional education models delivered by Baltic Aviation Academy in the field of Pilot licensing. The base program at AuTh could be any bachelor program related to transport management, aviation engineering or smth. At 0 cost from AuTh this program could generate a substantial revenue at the same time increasing the AuTH capacity using BAA resources. This type of cooperation will open the whole potential of one of the industry leaders to the AuTH (usage of professional network, student internships, state of art equipment , the organization of education process, human resources management , etc.)

2. Joint project application H2020 in the field of : Smart, Green and integrated transport (MG-3.1 -2016 Addressing aviation safety challenges or MG-1.5-2016-2017: Identifying of gaps, barriers and needs in aviation research) As far as you know , those kind of project covers major area of research and AuTh expertise, experience and network would be more then welcomed. Both of the pathways will lead us to the strategic development of both our institutions with far going aims and tangible results: quality increase of internationalization, cooperation with industry, higher enrolment and so on.

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Andrej Vankov
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International Development Manager
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Dariaus ir Gireno st. 21, LT-02189 Vilnius, Lithuania