Incoming students

Grading System


(1)   Course unit code:

       Refer to the ECTS information Package

(2)   Duration of course unit:

       Y  = 1 full academic year

       1S = 1 semester                      2S = 2 semesters

       1T = 1 term/trimester               2T = 2 terms/trimesters

(3)   Description of the institutional grading system:

       5-10:  Pass

       1-4:    Fail

(4)     ECTS grading scale:


Modern Greek Language courses

Dear Erasmus+ Incoming Students,

The Department of European Educational Programmes, in cooperation with the School of Modern Greek Language of AUTh, offers Modern Greek Language courses to the Erasmus+ Incoming Students.
All Erasmus+ Students can attend 2- Week , Semester and Online Courses (Level A1, A2), which are free of charge.

The deadline of the applications is the 27th of December, 2015 .