Cost of Living

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Thessaloniki is known as a “friendly” city with an active cultural and social life. Beyond the museums, there are numerous movie theaters, (foreign films are screened with subtitles), several theaters, a state and a city orchestra, cafes, restaurants and bars.

It is estimated that, on the average, a Greek student spends at least 600 Euro per month for private accommodation, utilities, food and transportation. The following list includes the prices of some basic goods that determines the cost of living (speculatively):



Price in Euro

Bus ticket

1,00 € half price if you obtain the Academic ID Card (tickets cost +0,10 € inside the bus)

Bottle of water (0,5lt)

0,40-0,50 €

Bottle of water (1,5lt)


Milk (1 lt)

1,00-1,50 €


1,00-2,00 €

Coffee (at a cafeteria)

3,00-4,50 €

Beer (at a bar)

4,00-6,00 €

Cinema ticket

7,50 €

Concert ticket

20,00€ (varies)