Online Application

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Selection process:

The first phase of the process takes place at the Home University after which the Home Universities send us their nominations.
All nominated students apply online at our system by submitting all requested documents; their applications are sent to the Erasmus+ International Coordinators of the AUTh School for evaluation. The Coordinators evaluate the students’ academic performance, their language level as well as their learning agreement.

Applications are submitted online. During the completion, you'll be able to upload any supporting documents required. You’ll have the option to either save or fill in the entire application and submit it right away.

Your online account

By clicking on the application link you will first need to create an on-line account choosing yourself a username and password that will allow you to complete your application through its various stages. To sum up, once you click on the link, you need to create an account, verify the account via your e-mail and then fill in the online application form.

Documents required for the online application

While completing your application, you will need to upload:
a) your Learning Agreement for Studies (in English) signed only by your Home University: If your mobility duration is a whole semester (5 months), you need to fill in 30 ECTS in your learning agreement.
b) your C.V. (in English) 
c) the Transcript or Records (in English)
d) a language certificate; for the language level, please visit the link:
e) a previous degree of studies (only for master and PhD students)

You can use the Transcript of Records that your University provides you with or fill in the form we are providing.
For the Learning Agreement for Studies, please download and complete the template we use which you can find at the link
Regarding your C.V., you can use the template of the Europass CV (attached to this webpage).

In your Learning Agreement, you need to indicate the courses you plan to attend or the work plan you intend to follow.
For information on the available courses (and the equivalent ECTS), you may visit:
- our webpage at .

Completing your application

Having an online account means that you don’t need to complete your online application in one go. You can save your progress at any point and come back to it at another time. If your documents are not yet ready, you can complete the application and select ‘Save’, then you can ‘Submit’ your application later but not after the deadline. If your documents are ready you can upload them and select ‘Submit’ to finalize your application.

And Now what?

Once you apply online, we will send your application to the ECTS Coordinators in order to evaluate them.

If you get selected, you will be notified and you will receive a Letter of Acceptance which is necessary in order to issue a Visa.  Your Letter of Acceptance will be signed and stamped by our Office and then sent both by e-mail and regular post to the Home Address you have indicated in your application form.



On-line application for Erasmus+ International Studies