Institutional Account / Academic ID

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Note: Once you arrive at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki you need to Register within the Erasmus Office (Department of European Educational Programmes) where you will obtain your ‘Erasmus ID’ Card. With this card you will have to Register within the Secretariat of the School where you will study for your Erasmus+ Period.


All students will need to apply for an Institutional Account:


When you register at the Secretariat of your School you will be given a certificate of enrollment, which shows your individual registration number (5 digits) and proves that you are registered.


You should give the Secretariat your mobile phone number (Greek or from your country of origin) and your e-mail address.


After a few days you will receive an SMS text from the university with two codes:


  • ΑΠΜ - 16 digit University Registration code
  • OTP – 8 digit one-time password


If for any reason you do not receive this SMS message please contact the IT centre of the university:


Once you have these codes you can apply for an institutional account here:


Click on the green circle (2) in the middle of this page to get started.


Remember that once you have an e-mail account with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, you should check it regularly, as this is how the university communicates with you.


All students will need to apply and obtain an Academic ID (‘Passo’):


This serves two purposes:

It is your academic ID

It entitles you to student rates on public transportation


If you are an undergraduate student login to the system using the username and password given to you by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

If you are a postgraduate student you have to register.

  • Enter details
  • Upload photo
  • Choose address from which you will collect your ID card
  • Your application has to be approved by the Department where you study
  • You will receive an SMS text or e-mail when your card is ready for collection


A video showing the registration procedure may be found here:

It is in Greek, but it may be useful for anyone trying to help you.