Medical Care & Counseling

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Students from the EU countries should have a “European Health Card” which is provided by the relevant authorities of their country of residence.


Students who undertake a traineeship should have a Health Insurance from their country of origin as well as an Insurance for Accident and Liability.

Students from non-EU countries can get a student medical care booklet from the Secretariat of their School, under the condition that they do not have any other form of health insurance. This covers them for full medical care, medication and hospitalization.

All students have the right to basic health care. For more details please visit:


The Student Health Care Service located in the University Student Club building and the Counseling and Guidance Centre which provides counseling and psychological support to students that express relative needs.


Students with special needs are required to submit details of any disability, which may affect their studies or work (traineeship) in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.