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APPLICATION PROCEDURE [Information for the Nominees wishing to apply]

 1) All nominated staff members will be sent guidelines for the necessary documentation.  


2) In order to proceed with your evaluation, all nominnes will be asked to fill in an online application (applications sent via email will not be accepted) and upload the following documents:


a) The MOBILITY AGREEMENT for Training

The Mobility Agreement must include ONLY the mobility period EXCLUDING the travel days.  The mobility period for each Partner can be found on the Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements as well as on the table of available mobilities:

The Mobility Agreement has to bear signatures and stamps of the applicant and their Home University. 

The form of the Mobility Agreement for Teaching is available here.


b) A CURRICULUM VITAE(CV) in Europass format

Please see the right part of this page for the template. 


c) A LETTER OF SUPPORT from the School/Faculty of interest

This letter is not obligatory but it contributes positively on the assessment of the application. Applicants have to contact the ECTS of the School/Faculty which they want to apply for. 

A list of the ECTS Coordinators for the Erasmus+ International can be found here: .


Contact details:

Erasmus+ International Erasmus+ International Inter-Institutional Agreements:/Incoming Staff Applications:

Mr Nikolaos Liolios

Erasmus+ International Finance and Mobility Procedures:

Ms Christina Paschou