Available Mobilities

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Incoming Staff Mobilities for Teaching or Training

Erasmus+ International

Spring semester acad. year 2022-2023



1. Consult the tables with the available Mobilities

2. Consult the table with the Partner Universities

3. Consult the signed Erasmus+ International Inter-Institutional Agreements: https://eurep.auth.gr/el/internationalContract/list


We would like to point out that the following table includes the mobilities for which we already have signed an Erasmus+ Internationa Inter-Institutional Agreement. The table will be updated every time we have a new agreement signed and after the conclusion of each Call.


Incoming Staff Mobilities for Teaching and/or Training
Country Number of mobilities Mobility Period per participant
(including 2 travel days)
Albania 2 7
Algeria 1
Armenia 1
Azerbaijan 1
Belarus 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Brazil 1
Canada 2
China 2
Dominican Republic 2
Georgia 1
Iran 1
Israel 3
Jordan 2
Kyrgyzstan 2
Moldova, Republic of 1
Montenegro 2
Russian Federation 1
Senegal 2
Taiwan, Republic of China 2
Trinidad and Tobago 2
Uzbekistan 2

 Last update: 01/11/2023

Important note: In case of applications for both teaching and training mobilities in countries with just one available spot, priority will be given to applications for teaching mobilities.