Erasmus+ ICM Programme 2021-22: Call for Incoming STAFF Mobilities - Teaching/Training

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility acad. year 2021-2022

Call for Incoming Staff Mobilities (Teaching/Training)



We are happy to announce a Call of Staff mobilities with your reputable University through the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme (acad. year 2021-2022)

All available mobilities for Teaching can be found here and for Training here, and they have to be implemented between 1st February 2022 until 30th June 2022.


Nominations’ period: 1st October – 4th November, 2021

Applications’ period: 8th November – 25th November, 2021


Please note the following:  

1. Nominations will be submitted only online, through our e-form. We will not accept nominations by email.

2. Staff mobilities have to be implemented between 1st February 2022 until 30th June 2022. The starting dates depend on the arrangements between applicants/selected grantees and the host Schools/Units. However, applicants are encouraged to check the University Calendar in order to avoid applying for periods that are not eligible (e.g. official holidays).




Please note that all nominations (max 5 staff members for Teaching and max 5 staff members for Training) shall be submitted via the E-nomination form developed for this purpose.

In order to submit the details of your staff nominees, please follow the link below:


Please note that nominations will be accepted only via the e-nomination form. In case of any technical issues, please inform us.


All nominated staff members will be sent guidelines for the necessary documentation after the deadline of nominations.




[Information for the Nominees wishing to apply]

1) Only nominated staff members will be sent guidelines for the necessary documentation.

2) In order that nominees submit their applications, the nominees have to prepare the following documents:

  • The MOBILITY AGREEMENT for Teaching/Training KA107, which must include ONLY the mobility period EXCLUDING the travel days and be signed and stamped by the applicant and their Home University.

The forms and all necessary information are available at:


Training:  .

  • A CURRICULUM VITAE(CV) in Europass format

(can be downloaded from:  ).

  • A LETTER OF SUPPORT from the School/Faculty of interest.

This letter is not obligatory but it contributes positively on the assessment of the application. Applicants have to contact the ECTS of the School/Faculty which they want to apply for.

A list of the ECTS Coordinators for the Erasmus+ International can be found here:  .




After the deadline of applications, all applications will be assessed by the ECTS coordinators of our Schools and Units and the Selection Committee will decide who will be granted a mobility according to the criteria set for each category of applicants. For the Staff mobilities, see the criteria here:

Partner Universities will be sent the list of selected applicants.