COVID-19 Measures

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Last update 13/5/2022


Covid-19 measures in Greece

  • The use of face mask is mandatory in all indoor places. It is highly recommended to wear face mask in crowded outdoor places.
  • In supermarkets and means of transportation the use of two surgical face masks or one KN95/ffp2 mask is obligatory.
  • There are no longer restrictions concerning the entrance to indoor/outdoor restaurants, cafes, shops, museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms, public services: Entrance without presenting any proof of vaccination, recovery certificate or negative test results.


Travel restrictions

Regarding the travel restrictions, please consult the pages below as well as the consular authorities at your country:


Covid-19 measures at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • The courses take place on-site with all Covid-19 measures taken in place.
  • There are no longer restrictions concerning the entrance to the University classes.
    This means that no proof of vaccination/recovery or rapid test is required, unless expressed otherwise (e.g. in clinics of the School of Medicine).
  • The use of face mask is obligatory in all the indoor University facilities and communal indoor premises. Students who do not comply to the use of face mask during lectures, will not be able to participate in the course.
  • AUTh Services are open and working in compliance with the sanitary measures.
  • Participation in the exams in compliance to all the above.

If any of the students shows COVID-19 symptoms or gets tested positive for Covid-19, s/he is kindly requested to inform the Professors of the courses which s/he attended with c.c. to the ECTS Coordinator (see: page) of the School as well as to our Department (

You are expected to comply with all safety regulations such as the use of face mask, personal hygiene and social distancing at all places and times, for your own safety as well as for the others.



Last update 13/5/2022