Covid-19 safety measures (September 2020)

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In light of the current worldwide sanitary situation and your upcoming travel to Thessaloniki, we would like to kindly inform you on the Covid-19 measures issued by the Greek government.

Covid-19 measures in Greece

•    The use of face mask is mandatory in all public transportation means, taxis and all closed public spaces (supermarkets, shops etc), as well as outdoor spaces where there is a high concentration of people (fine 150€)
•    Avoidance of all group gatherings is recommended
•    All restaurants/bars etc. close at midnight (12:00 am)

Covid-19 measures at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

-    The use of face mask is mandatory in all closed spaces (Secretariat, Erasmus Office, auditoriums, libraries, cafeterias etc.) as well as in outdoor spaces where there is high concentration of people. Students who do not comply to the use of face mask during lectures, will not be able to participate in the course.

-    All courses will take place as scheduled; courses with less than 50 students as well as clinics will be on-site; you will be informed by the School (Professor or Secretariat) you will be attending if the course/lab/clinic will be held on-line or on-site (for Schools see:

-    All students attending clinics will be tested for Covid-19, for free, in a public hospital prior to the beginning of the course; you will get information from your Schools

-    The University Restaurant will serve take away meals regularly

-    All AUTh Services such as Libraries, Gym etc. are open and working in compliance with the sanitary measures

-    In case you notice any symptoms of Covid-19, you should notify the Professor of the course. If you test positive for Covid-19, you should notify the Professor of the course as well as the Erasmus Office

We will be updating you in case of any change to the above measures.

You are kindly expected to comply with all safety regulations such as the use of face mask, personal hygiene and social distancing at all places and times, for your own safety as well as for the others.

Department of European Educational Programmes