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Expand your academic horizons this summer at KU Leuven! Our summer programmes offer an unparalleled education specifically tailored to explore one subject in detail. Throughout the programme, you’ll join other participants on extracurricular activities designed to highlight and develop topics presented in class. This year we will offer both courses on campus and online. Please regularly check our website for updates about the status of our summer schools. You will also find updates on the status of each summer school, including if they will be converted to a virtual or live event.
Visit www.kuleuven.be/summerschools for an up-to-date overview of our programmes!
For most of our summer schools, students will receive a certificate of attendance. Credits towards the students' degrees in their home institution are to be awarded by the home institution in accordance with its regulations
Target group
All programmes are available to qualified applicants. Please check the admission requirements for entry in your selected option on the web page of each programme. For some programmes, an English Proficiency Test is required.
More information
For more details and contact information about the programmes, please check our website.
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Thursday, 15 April 2021