Masaryk summer schools

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We are excited to be able to offer both in person and online summer schools this year. We are committed to providing engaging and interactive programmes that help students cross international barriers whether they are online or in person.

In person Summer Schools

Our in person summer schools continues our commitment to provide students with a comprehensive academic and social program that enables them to learn and grow both in and outside of the program. Each of our in person summer schools bring students outside of Brno on excursions to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. 
This summer we will offer 4 in person summer schools in the fields of politics, security, law, history, culture, and globalization and 2 internship opportunities in the fields of Science and Communication.

*Partner University Discount: €500

Online Summer Schools

We're proud to offer a 3rd iteration of our online programmes after successful completion in summer 2020 and winter 2021. The online programmes are designed to offer an intensive academic program through synchronous iterative classes in addition to numerous virtual site visits to sites like the UN, OSCE, etc.
This summer we will offer 3 online summer schools in the fields of law, international relations, politics, and security.

*Partner University Discount: €100



Czech Republic
Masaryk University
Publication date: 
Thursday, 15 April 2021