West University of Timisoara (late) Summer School 2020

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Yhe West University of Timisoara is organizing the 2nd Edition of West University of Timisoara (Late) Summer School (August 31st - September 13th 2020), a multi- and inter-disciplinary event aiming to offer Bachelor or Master students the opportunity to participate in a two-weeks study/training programme, taking place in the future cultural capital of Europe (Timisoara 2021), with the possibility of choosing from a variety of courses that mirror the comprehensive character of our university. We welcome applications until June 15th and we kindly ask you to forward this e-mail to your students, together with the attached flyer.

West University of Timisoara (Late) Summer School courses:

-   Design Thinking, your path to innovation!
-   Biochemistry aspects in various medical conditions
-   Cultural geography and cultural tourism
-   Proactive Involvement for Better Communities
-   Taxation and Accounting in the Digital Era and Global Economy
-   Practical cases in Behavioural finance
-   Capital Market Risk Management
-   Getting the changemaker mindset: reinvent yourself as a social entrepreneur
-   History of the universe and cosmology
-   Leadership competencies and the future of work
-   Public Speaking Strategies
-   Introduction to Romanian language, culture and civilization
-   Security and Cryptography
-   Presentation skills and nonverbal communication
-   Mass media and public relations - techniques and strategies
-   Team-work skills through urban sociology field research in Timisoara

Participation fee (150 EURO): accommodation in WUT dormitories, lunches and a registration kit.

More information about applying to WUT (late) summer school at: http://ri.uvt.ro/west-university-of-timisoara-late-summer-school/ 


West University of Timisoara
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Monday, 1 June 2020
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