Transportation measures issued by the Greek Government

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Dear students,

We would like to kindly inform you that, as of this morning 6 a.m., all unnecessary transports are prohibited, according to the decree issued by the Greek Government.

The only exceptions are the following:
1. Transport to the pharmacy or the doctor, only if necessary and after relevant communication
2. Transport to buy necessary products from the supermarket/mini-market, only if delivery is not available
3. Transport to the bank, if your transactions cannot take place electronically
4. Transport in case of need of a third person (e.g. an old person staying at home)
5. Transport to a ceremony (e.g. wedding, funeral)
6. Outdoors exercise or walking a pet; the outdoors exercise can take place one by one or two by two (in the latter case, there needs to be a distance of 1,5 m between the two persons) and it has to be for a short period of time and near the house.

Also, anyone on the street must carry a) a passport or an ID and b) a “transport certificate” (either on paper or an sms) which shows the reason for being out of the house.

1. Sending sms
You can send a sms by your Greek mobile number to the number 13033 (with no charge) where you need to write:

X (blank) Name (blank) Family name (blank) Address (number, street name)
X is one of the above numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 which shows the reason for your transport
For example: 2 Mark Jones 25 Tsimiski street which shows that the person is going to the supermarket and lives on 25 Tsimiski street.

You will then receive a sms as a reply. In the above example, it will be: Transport 2 Mark Jones 25 Tsimiski street
Remark: The word Transport will be in Greek, so the sms will be: ΜΕΤΑΚΙΝΗΣΗ 2 Mark Jones 25 Tsimiski street.

You cannot go outside if you do not receive the sms.

2. Certificate on paper
The certificate must include the following information:
1. Name/Family name
2. Residence address (street/number)
3. Reason for the transport; you can use the above numbers and write it in letters and you also need to include the address of your destination
4. Date, time and signature

For example
, for the paper certificate:
Mark Jones
25 Tsimiski street
Going to the supermarket which is on Ippodromiou street
Date: 23/3/2019, time: 12:10, signature.

You need to send a sms or fill in a paper certificate for each time you go outside, that is, for each one of your transports.

There will be checks on the street by the police; if you get caught without the sms or the paper certificate, you will be asked to pay a fine of 150 euro (for each time you get caught, there will be a new fine).

We expect that you will all comply with the government regulations but, first and foremost, we expect that you will all minimize your transports and go out only if necessary, for your own safety as well as for the others'.

Another government measure concerning trasportation is that, as of today, there cannot be more than two people in any vehicle (the driver and one more person as a passenger).

Finally, please note that Wednesday, 25th March is a national holiday so all supermarkets will be closed.

We wish you all well and that you stay safe at home!

Department of European Educational Programmes