University of Porto Summer Courses 2020

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As part of its mission and its strategic objectives, the University of Porto has come to value the diversification of study programme opportunities aimed at different audiences, in order to strengthen its connection to society, and contribute to the continuous updating of knowledge and personal development on the part of all concerned.

In this sense, since 2007 the U. Porto has offered several summer courses within the project Summer School at the U.Porto. In 2013, in June, July, August and September, a vast number of diverse courses will once again be available at the various faculties, covering a wide range of themes, and of different duration, covering multiple areas of knowledge and intended for different audiences, age groups and professional categories, national and international, and, in a special way, for our Former Students.

These training events, in Portuguese and English, benefit from the research environment of the U.Porto, the pedagogical quality of its teachers and researchers, the structures and learning conditions in which we have invested, which together provide a highly stimulating and enriching experience.

We hope that the offer of summer courses for 2020 at the U.Porto is of great use for all those who seek to be continuously updated and prepared to meet the ongoing challenges of our society. We believe that they will provide you with quality offers that meet the pleasure of knowledge and cultural enrichment.

You should consult the academic services of the different Schools of the University of Porto that teach the course you wish to attend.

For more information please contact the service for Training and Academic Organisation (FOA), at the Rectory of the U.Porto, through the e-mail

University of Porto
Publication date: 
Tuesday, 11 February 2020