Deusto Summer School

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With more than 25 courses on offer focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030! Inscriptions will open from February 15th 2020Deusto Summer School has launched!

We offer:
  • Courses certified with ECTS in Spanish or English
  • The best international atmosphere
  • First-class professors
  • Academic grants (please check conditions that apply)
  • Accomodation orientation
  • Full social and cultural programme in Bilbao and San Sebastian and their spectacular surroundings
Our courses on offer for DSS2020:

We are currently working to give you all the necessary information, contents prices and discounts to the DSS2020 courses.

  • Urban development and global governance (English)
  • Desarrollo Sostenible aplicado a Ciudades Vascas (Spanish)
  • Patrimonio de Ciudades Europeas (Spanish)
  • Tercera edición del Curso de Verano del Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao (Spanish)
  • Eventos de ocio (culturales y deportivos): Gestión, impactos y búsqueda de patrocinios. (language TBD)
  • Gestión de la experiencia de los asistentes a los festivales musicales: el caso del BBK Live Festival (language TBD)
  • International Relations and Business Diplomacy (English)
  • NOHA comprehensive reflective simulation and training exercise (English)
  • Experimenta la lengua y la cultura españolas: nuevos recursos para el aula (Spanish)
  • Enseñar y aprender lenguas con TIC (Spanish)
  • Programa de Estudios Globales y Negocios (Spanish and English)
  • Programa de Lengua y Cultura Españolas (Spanish)
  • Basque, a European language of unknown origin: past, present and future (English)
  • ESG Investment and Finance Summer Programme (English)
  • FashionLaw (English)
  • GastroLaw (English)
  • Mathematics-Dynamic and Control in Social and Biological Sciences (English)
  • The future of digital ecosystems: artificial intelligence based on knowledge graphs (English)
  • BIG DATA: Predicting the future (English)
  • Fútbol y datos: Decisiones técnicas en tiempo real (Spanish)
  • Theology (to be announced) (English)
  • Curriculum in a globalised world (English)
Universidad de Duesto
Publication date: 
Tuesday, 4 February 2020