University of Tartu International Summer University programmes 2020

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The University of Tartu in Estonia welcomes you to International Summer University. Gain an international academic experience from one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the Baltic States. We welcome applications from all adults including university students, professionals and other experts, regardless of educational background. Explore the selection of interdisciplinary and subject specific summer programmes in English or find a suitable Estonian language course.


Juri Lotman and the Semiotics of Culture: Contemporary Applications offers deeper understanding of cultural mechanisms and a set of tools for practical analysis of culture. Scholarships available.
29 June – 10 July in Tartu

Estonia’s Economic Innovation and Baltic Regional Securitywill dive into Estonian economic innovation and the NATO, the EU and Baltic Regional Security. Scholarships available.
06 – 31 July in Tallinn and Tartu

Open and Closed Societies: The Example of Japan focuses on contemporary issues in Japan and discusses societal developments from a closed and open society perspective. Scholarships available.
10 – 16 August in Tartu

Educational Change in Times of Rapid Technological Innovation aims to empower people to re-imagine modern teaching practices and follow the transformation of education. Scholarships available.
17 – 27 August in Tartu

European Encounters: The Baltics in the European Unionintroduces the history and identity of Baltic countries and their connection to the European Union. Scholarships available.
06 July – 14 August in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia), Riga (Latvia)

European Encounters: Diversity and Integration from West to East aims to introduce the diversity and unity of European Identities, the European Union, (shared) foreign policy and new challenges.
06 – 31 July in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia)

European Encounters: Estonia and Latvia in the European Unionwill dive into Estonian economic innovation and Baltic Regional Security and will give an insight on the “big neighbors” influence on the Baltic States.
20 July – 14 August in Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia), Riga (Latvia)

Craft Campaims to introduce Estonian handicraft by giving an overview of traditional handicraft techniques from Estonia and to learn the modern usage of those techniques. Scholarships available.

05 – 11 July in Viljandi

Estonian Language Summer Courseson different levels according to the language skills. Scholarships available.
27 July – 07 August in Tartu

University of Tartu
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Tuesday, 4 February 2020