International Doctoral Summer School 2019. Molecular oncology (MOLON)

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The aim of the International Doctoral Summer School in MOLECULAR ONCOLOGY (MOLON) is to gather professionals (professors, postgraduated, specialists in medicine), students and researchers for a week to share knowledge and experiences on relevant issues related with Molecular Oncology connected to Medicine, from an interdisciplinary approach. All the teaching staff members are high- evel specialists on the topic, so quality and novelty is warranted.

The course will offer students an opportunity to complete their education in this specific field which is very demanded in recent years. Moreover, this course offers young researchers to update with the most innovative areas of interest in oncology investigation at the same time that they can interact with many specialists in the field. This will open future opportunities of collaborations or professional carriers’ developments in these young researchers.

In addition, this course also offers not only talks, but also workshops with a reduced number of students that will be essential for improving students’ training in very important tasks in future scientists as workshops of scientific writing or PCR applications.

University of Granada
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Monday, 20 May 2019
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