Summer School on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovative Tourism 13 - 20​​​​ July 2019

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Summer School on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovative Tourism 13 - 20​​​​ July 2019

A 7-day trip along the Adriatic coast - Proudly organized by the PAR University College from Rijeka, Croatia.

The Summer School Sail and Learn offers a unique cultural and educational experience for international students. The summer school program is based on innovative models by working in teams. 

Throughout the 7-day program, students visit a number of cultural and historical sights on the islands that help them develop a sense of local culture. This content helps them develop a sense of understanding  how tourism and life on the islands are intertwined. Besides that,  students get to know examples of innovative tourist services and products which help them develop their own ideas within the program itself.  The additional workshops on Innovative Tourism and Marketing help students develop skills to build their marketing plans and strategies with their team and prepare for final project presentations.

Students are situated on sailboats during the program, and share their living space and cabins with other students. Hence, the Leadership part of the program is present through all activities included in the program. The leadership thematic workshops  help develop communication skills for international teams, and raise team dynamics. Living arrangements on the boat throughout the program  are a part of the practical Leadership students face daily—with challenges and tasks aimed at increasing team cohesion and developing an understanding of various leadership styles and working in not only international, but also highly diverse teams based on the cultural , experiential and educational  background of team members.

PAR University College
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Monday, 6 May 2019
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