International Summer School in American Law, Politics & Economy

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would like to kindly present our key project – the Summer School in American Law, Politics & Economy, which will be held in Poznań, 8-13 September, 2019 at the Faculty of Law & Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University. The event is addressed mostly to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of faculties of law, economics, social & political sciences as well as humanities, but also to alumni of these majors and all other interested persons.

Our Summer School offers a unique opportunity to expand knowledge of shaping and functioning of the American political, economic, and legal institutions, and develop a better understanding of America due to broad, interdisciplinary, and Socratic approach. We are going to hold seminar-style classes taught by internationally renowned experts from the United States, Poland, and Germany. The open-debate format of each course will create a stimulating learning environment for all participants.

The summer school’s agenda consists of three interdisciplinary courses: (1) American Constitutional Law, (2) Economics of the Free Society, and (3) Philosophical Foundations of the American Political System. Classes will be conducted by well-known experts, such as: prof. Susanna Frederick Fischer (Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law), dr Karl-Friedrich Israel (Leipzig University), and dr Maciej Turek from (Institute of American Studies at the Jagiellonian University). The first course embraces the legal aspects of the constitutional and political system of the United States founded on the rule of law, government transparency, and respect for fundamental freedoms of all individuals. The second course is related to main schools of economic thought which shaped the American market economy and the determinants of incredible economic development of the United States in the last 230 years. The third course will touch upon the intellectual inspirations that sparked the American Founding Fathers’ fight for independence and the formation of a new country. It also points to the fundamental political problems existing throughout the whole history of the American nation.

We are convinced that our Summer School represents both a unique and innovative opportunity for intellectual development of young individuals in Europe as well as a chance of promoting international cooperation. The event is also an extraordinary opportunity for networking, sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas between attendees, as well as a chance to build strong relationships which will benefit them in the future.

Center For American Studies
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Thursday, 18 April 2019