45th International Summer School at the University of Trier, Germany

Εκτυπώσιμη μορφή

45th International Summer School at the University of Trier, Germany.


Course dates: August 7 to September 1, 2017

Course cost: 600 €


The program and fee include

  • German courses on all levels from A1 to C2 (approx. 80 hours of instruction ) with a graded final test and 5 ECTS points
  • an Europe-oriented academic lecture and seminar program (12 hours)
  • a seminar on current didactic methods and pedagogical concepts in the field of German as a Foreign Language (optional for level C1/C2, 24 hours)
  • excursions in Germany, France and Luxemburg


Further information and online application:

www.ifk.uni-trier.de (german website) and www.iss.uni-trier.de (english website)

University of Trier
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Παρασκευή, 17 Φεβρουάριος 2017
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