NILS International Summer School

Εκτυπώσιμη μορφή

International Summer School „Human Rights in International Commercial Relationships”

4th-11th July, 2016

Bucharest, Romania


For every college student, all summers should be a new challenge. For academic, as well as personal development, The Network for International Law Students is organizing an International Summer School. This year, the NILS International Summer School is taking place in Bucharest, Romania, from the 4th until the 11th of July.

NILS is an international non-profit organisation, linking law students and young lawyers from fourteen countries across the world (India, Ireland, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Romania, etc.). We promote social responsibility in the field of law, by increasing opportunities for students to learn about other legal systems worldwide. One of our many projects is the Summer Law School, organised every year.

This year’s theme of the Summer School is „Human Rights is International Commercial Relationships”. The activities will be held at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, and will include conferences, trainings, workshops and lectures from the most influential speakers in the field. We have partnerships with important law firms from Romania (NNDKP, Leaua and Associates, Mazilu and Associates etc.) and other legal organizations. We also wish to organize moot trials, cultural visits and meetings with ambassadors and diplomats. Every activity will be based on ramifications of the main theme.

The main purpose of our project is to cooperate with law students worldwide, creating a better coherence between the NILS chapters. Moreover, we expect to gather as much knowledge as possible in the Human Rights and International Commercial Law fields.

Please find the information available at:

1.      The event created for this summer school:

2.      The international site of NILS:


We would like to know if there is possible for you to communicate this opportunity to all your students. The registration is open and we will be able to accommodate 40 foreign students.


Team NILS- Bucharest Chapter

Network for International Law Students (NILS)
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Δευτέρα, 23 Μάιος 2016